Clark’s Town, 3 agosto 2017

Con piacere apprendiamo la notizia dal magazine Jamaica Observer che la storica distilleria jamaicana Long Pond sita nel parish di Trelawny a nord-ovest della capitale Kingston, riprenderà l’attività entro la fine di quest’anno dopo 5 anni di “riposo”.

Long Pond apre i battenti nel 1753 e spegne i suoi pot still nel 2012, distilleria che insieme ad Hampden (nello stesso parish) e Worthy Park mantiene l’utilizzo esclusivo in distillazione di pot still double retorts a differenza di Appleton che unisce nei suoi blend unici oltre ai pot still anche il distillato delle colonne coffey di Claredon (National Jamaican Rum).

Che dire non vedo l’ora di rivedere i 5 pot still marchiati Vendome e John Dore in azione e sopratutto di assaggiare l’unicità dei loro rum bianchi overproof nel pieno rispetto della tradizione dell’isola!.

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Di seguito la notizia apparsa sul magazine web jamaicano:

Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor Colin Gager said the reopening of the 264-year-old distillery is welcomed, and is important for the economic viability of the parish.

Mayor Gager was representing Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Karl Samuda at the official recommissioning ceremony on Wednesday.

He expressed the Government’s support and commitment to the operation of the facility.

The Long Pond Distillery which has a long and rich history dating back to 1753, was closed in 2012 due to waste disposal issues.

Chief Executive Officer of National Rums of Jamaica Winston Harrison said 22 residents from Clark’s Town are now employed at the distillery.

The company, he said, is currently in the process of completing several orders for Europe, including for long-standing customers in Germany.

Harrison said the distillery is a historical landmark in Trelawny, producing rums for some of the finest and renowned brands worldwide over the past two-and-a-half centuries.

He said that during the four-year closure, the management of Long Pond worked with the relevant authorities to ensure that the necessary practices and policies were put in place for the resumption of operations.

“As an organisation, we have taken all the necessary steps with regard to the disposal of waste and we have the requisite approval to ensure that we can now operate. Essentially, the world is breathing a sigh of relief, Long Pond Limited is back,” he said.

Process coordinator Andrew McBean, also expressed pleasure at the reopening, noting that “good things will happen for Long Pond and the citizens in and around will benefit”.

from Jamaica Observer.

A presto lungo #leviedelrum

Marco Graziano


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