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Beard, hair and a sip of rum at the “BlackBeard” in Wroclaw

At the BlackBeard in Wroclaw, a Polish city that since time developed a great interest for spirits, especially for the Caribbean ones, you can do a lot of enjoyable things. For example, you can sip an Appleton Estate or a Ron Abuelo Centauria awaiting to sit on the armchair of a barber, or you can take part in a taste itinerary counting on an accurate selection of rum, cognac, tequila, whisky or champagne. In Wroclaw you can also drink an artisanal beer produced on an old formula comfortably set on a leather armchair.

The entrance of the BlackBeard

The first edition of “Rum Love festival” had just concluded here. It was an event closely related to the place opened three weeks before which is located at a very short distance from the beautiful promenade of the old city.

The idea, or better, the ideas came from the businessman Jacek Boniecki and his daughter Natalia. They collaborated with the famous bartender Patryk Kozyra and Tomasz Krzyk who worked for the Bacardi and Martini groups for years.

Together they are starting a very interesting project . From their own experiences came out the intention to organise the festival – or better the festiwal to hint at the name of the city- as a reference point for the distillate in the East Europe with the possibility to engage curious people willing to put themselves out there.

An enthusiastic and increasing entourage of people can find in the Blackbeard – from the name of the famous pirate- a place of discussion where they can compare their opinions, take part in some events and first of all where they can buy some bottles choosing among a great variety of labels at good prices.

“The idea to organise a festival in Wroclaw came out around one year ago- said Tomasz and Natalia- and right away we started to work on the location, on the guests but also on that details we thought would make the difference. The formula was improved with the aim of giving an impressive and refined mark since its first edition”.

This event revealed to be convincing and well organised also in the mood that reigned during the two days of the festival, so the initial purpose can be considered fully achieved just for  those aspects that make this place unique.

The proof of the good work done by the group arrives right inside the pub in Teczowa 57 Street with two enthusiastic people who can be found among the stands and also during the master class of the festival.

“Here- Jacek and Tomasz continue telling their story in the location that combine modern design with rough material like iron and wood- as it is, we’ll start promoting taste itineraries and other events connected to the gem of the salon. In Wroclaw –they underline- our location is the only one that offers such a variety of labels and brands and we are sure that it could gain success guiding the public toward what will be the second edition of the Rum Love”

So here they visibly get real and this please the rum lovers like nothing else could. The umpteenth demonstration comes from the passion with which Jacek shows the “WRCLW Barley Wine” bottles. The first 4.000 pieces were  appositely produced by the local artisanal brewery Browar Stu Mostòw for the weekend just ended.

“It is a kind of beer aged in barrels which came from Jamaica and previously contained Bourbon and rum with the addition of Black Strap molasses-  the businessman concluded- a product in which we believe a lot because the market, particularly the young one, is searching for new and different tastes compared to those of  the same known brands.

Respect for traditions, quality and innovation are distinctive features that, from the festival to the pub, let understand that also here in Poland strong foundations for future are being laid.

From Wroclaw along #leviedelrum

Marco Graziano & Benedetto Marchese

Translated by Ilenia Morachioli

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