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Certificate of Excellence for Ron Botran (Guatemala)

Guatemala november 2013,

In 2013, as part of the 2nd International Rum Conference (IRC) held in Madrid, Spain, an awards ceremony took place to recognize members of the rum industry.  The award for the best distillery went to Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala (ILG) for their Botran line of rums.  Botran has maintained an active presence at the International Rum Conference both years.

Receiving this prestigious award requires a distillery audit by the IRC.  Upon successfully meeting or exceeding the requirements, a certificate is presented in person to representatives of the company awarded.

The IRC in-situ audit took place this past November, and ILG went through the

technical and administrative evaluations outlined in the certification program, ensuring that all requirements where satisfied.

On November 26th, the 2014 Certificate of Excellence in the Production of Rum, Standard Level was presented in Guatemala City to the proud producers of the world renowned Botran Rums.

First to be audited was the central complex, located near the Guatemalan capital, home of offices, laboratories, bottling plant and distribution warehouses.  The audit confirmed the high level of quality applied to all processes that result in the creation of the magnificent Botran Rum.  The employee assessment also revealed a high level of training and expertise in the procedures involved in the production of rum.  ILG’s dedication to quality is evident in this central complex, which meets all the quality standards set forth by the IRC.

Second to be audited was the Botran Rum aging warehouse center, in the city of Quetzaltenango, at an altitude of 7,500 feet above sea level.  Once again, the center’s inspection revealed that it meets all the quality control requirements set forth for the certification.

Lastly, at sea level and aided by helicopters, the immense sugarcane fields surrounding Tulula were inspected.  Once on the ground, the transformation processes, from sugarcane harvest to fermentation of the sugarcane honey, were closely inspected to confirm their adherence to the requirements.

The line of Botran Rums is of the highest quality, thanks to all the workers who labor in unison as members of the ILG family to produce a rum that showcases their love and passion for their craft.

The Certificate was presented at ILG’s headquarters by Mr. Javier Herrera, IRC Director, to Mr. Guillermo Segura, General Manager, ILG General Director.

The International Rum Conference expresses its gratitude to all the people at ILG who made this visit and audit possible.

Marco Graziano
courtesy of Javier Herrera


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