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Bougainville has two categories: pure single rums called “Rum Bougainville” and aromatized and spiced rums called “Spirit of Bougainville”.

Bougainville is the only distillery in Mauritius that makes pot still molasses rum with long fermentation periods of 14 to 20 days.

The rum maker likes to release in small batches and add variations in the distillation process in order to take advantage of the aromatic palette.

The “Rum Bougainville” rum exists in five expressions: White, Gold, VS, VSOP and XO. With the excition of the white, they are all aged in 500-liter Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez casks.

The XO will be released by the end of the year in a limited edition of less than 1,000 bottles.

The “Spirit of Bougainville” category includes three aromatized rums: Citronelle (lemon-grass), vanilla and an old spiced.

La gamma dei rum

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