One of the most beautiful aspects of the International  Rum Festivals is to have the possibility to know people and products that aren’t so far on the italian market  and probably some of them won’t never reach it.
Among them there is the Rhum Arrangé’s category which is almost completely unknown on our territory while for french neighbours it takes part of their culture thanks to a basic element of this drink with a low alcoholic content: the white rhum agricole.
Rhum arrangè is an infusion or better, a maceration of fruit, spices or flowers for a tot” of time in white rhum agricole, obviously produced in the French overseas territories such as Martinique, Guadeloupe, Mauritius, Madagascar and Reunion Island. Bottled at the manufacturer strictly unfiltered, prepared or macerated directly in the bottle that will be purchased.
Cedric Brement founder of Les Rhums de Ced guide us to discovery this tasty rum category through a chat-interview made during the last RhumFest in Paris.

As it began this adventure Cedric?

futI started to create some rum arrangé in 2000 just for me. And I was basketball player. So after the game and during the party, I took some bottles to drink with my friends. After 5 years, they asked me to product bottles for them. And with the time, they asked me many many many bottles. I had a job, I was playing basketball and manufacture took me considerable time. I had more time for my family.

My wife said : “Either you stop or either you created your company”!!!! – I am food engineer and I’ve always liked products and I have always loved creating products. And if I wanted my surroundings manufactures them is they could not find a similar product on the market and that he must be good.

And this is where the journey begins.


How did the idea to dedicate your company to the production and enhancement of this product rise?

With all the evidence of the first consumer bottles, I made the observation that there is no equivalent products in my concept. I love creating, I love making. Regulatory constraints, so I knew I had all the elements to try this adventure and she’s great simply. Share with customers, interact with consumers who are smiling. I could not ask for more. That’s my motivation every day.

The work is rewarded by customers and also by the awards won in various French and international competitions (22 medals to date in 4 years). I also obtained the title of Master Artisan in 2013. A huge honor that rewards our expertise.


How did your production develop during these years and what kind of influence has it on the raw material supply chain and on its manufacturing?

I began to manufacture alone for 2 years.  The product of the principle is to use AOC rum from Martinique in which are exclusively fresh fruit macerated with a small addition of cane sugar syrup. As at the time, my goal is to go to the very specific quality level especially fruits and fruit and raw materials that no other can have – I tie very specific partnerships with producers. I always favors local producers – that’s a quality guarantee of safety. And now I also try to have the possibility to order products – cane sugar syrup today has a specific recipe. The production is also special. All fruits are cut with a knife and bottled by hand. This allows for visual quality fruit in the bottle and especially to keep the maximum fruit flavors that can offer us.

The development of the range will be through the creation of original products. I started 2 years ago at age my rum in Cognac barrels for maceration with vanilla and macadamia nuts. Last year, I used Sauternes casks. Other projects are underway. The goal is to be able to go associate or good fruit with the aromatic rum result of aging in barrels. The barrel also has the distinction of being emptied for just that there is a privileged exchange between rum and wine or alcohol which was contained in the barrel.


In France and in other foreign countries the rum arrangé played an important role on the market, establishing itself as one of the mostly consumed rum types, while in Italy it is quite an unknown product. What could be your audience target?

FraiseGoyavierThe rum arrangé is a product that is becoming known in France but it is only the beginning especially when using a rhum agricole..
There is no target public, I would say more than the product is associated with consumption of atmosphere. This means that everybody can consume it when he wants and how he wants as long as he is there to enjoy.
 It can be an interesting product for exploring the rum Agricole and in a second time to educate themselves on the various aromatic perceptions. A Victoria pineapple rum is not the same as a Passion- Mango aromatic or a banana with  cacao beans. For some novice person in the universe of tasting, she will be able to pick aromatic that will be easier to find since we see the fruit in the bottle. Now the question is how the person feels and what part of the language.

First, the tasting must remain a fun and simple foremost.


Among the products of your company which is the one that is giving you the greatest satisfaction and which is the one that still has to improve?

There is no one product but 2. The first is The Victoria pineapple. It’s part of the first products I’ve created and for 2 years now, a partnership was established with the largest fruit growers coopérrative Reunion: SCA Fruits of Reunion. I receive the Victoria pineapple 48 hours after picking Reunion. So I have great fruit maturity.
Many people know the pineapple but the real taste of a pineapple victoria gives even more character and aromatic product with superb color and more.
The second product is the latest created: I revisited my way the concept of Ti’Punch: rum used is always an AOC rhum from Martinique who spent six months in barrels of Sauternes. I worked on the association of two different sugar cane syrups to work on the sugar intake and lime is fresh and was pressed by me. The Ti’Punch can either be eaten as is or with his small piece of lime for those who wish.


Are you considering the introduction of new types of products in your company?

Yes, the universe and rum rum-based products is very wide. This is why in addition to the recently rums, we propose a Ti’Punch which is the first spirits that has no fruit pieces.
 Last year I created a range of punches that always uses the AOC rum from Martinique and Martinique as fruit juice. This is an aromatic explosion at a very affordable alcohol level.
The recipe, mix combination is very complicated to find the right balance. We must therefore be able to offer products for which people no longer need to fret – they no longer enjoy that, especially share and share the fun.


Thanks Cedric for your time, and now the next step is create an exclusive tasting with his products in Italy!

See you soon on #leviedelrum

Marco Graziano




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